For more revenuehigher conversion rateslower production costsbetter user experienceseasier content managementsatisfied customers

How it works.

How you can benefit from CouplAR

Create more value for your customers and your business

1Cost reduction

No more costly reprints: Simply supply your content updates digitally. Increase the life cycle of your print products and reduce costs.

2Customer retention

Increase the reader involvement by enriching your print media with multimedia content and create added value for your customers.

3Sales increase

Increase your reach by connecting your print products with your digital content and services.

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Experience is Key

More than 500.000 satisfied customers and readers!

Benefit from our long-standing experience in consulting, development, content creation and maintenance for renowned companies

Valuable for all target groups

The smart connection of print and digital offers significant added value for your customers – from media to marketing


Add multimedia content to your books without physical media: Save production costs of DVDs and CDs and expand your print materials with CouplAR


Increase your conversion by directly linking product catalog and online ordering and keep your sales and product information up to date at all times


Offer your readers more information and further details. Expand your print advertising business

»With CouplAR, we are not only bringing print to life, we are deliberately using a well-known concept: the easy-to-use digital media library. No other print enrichment solution is more focused on the ease of use of the consumer than CouplAR.«

Camillo Stark
Head of Product Development

How it works

Print enrichment has never been easier






The scanned page of your print product is automatically being recognized by CouplAR’s advanced image recognition technology.


With just a simple click, the reader can choose from all digital content in the media library.


All content can be displayed and consumed with the embedded player directly in the CouplAR app.


With the bookmark and download functionalities, the reader can access all of his content anytime and anywhere.


One tool for all formats


Use our AR-Link technology for premium 3D product presentation

Audio & Video content

Offer your readers voiceovers, tutorial videos, podcasts, etc.


Directly connect your print content with your website, landing pages or online shop

E-Mail & Calendar

Integrate automated e-mails and appointment management


Provide your customers with exercise sheets, feedback or print templates, etc.

The perfect CouplAR version for your company

Find the product fitting your requirements

1The CouplAR app

  • Freely available
  • Just upload your print media
  • For iOS and Android

2White label app

  • Your own, branded CouplAr app
  • Easy, fast, reliable
  • Automated maintenance & updates


  • Easy integration in existing app
  • Offer your users new functionalities
  • No switching between apps

The CouplAR app

Freely available to download for every user at the Apple App and Google Play stores. Perfect for customers who only want to run a short or trial campaign.

Simply book a channel in the CouplAR app, upload your print content, create your media library – and you’re good to go.

White label app

Your own customized app with your brand name, your CI and complete development and deployment services.

Reliable, proven and live. Update and bugfix services over the whole runtime included. Minimize your expense and maximise your planning security.


With the CouplAR SDK, you can easily upgrade your existing app already in use by your customers.

Implement the CouplAR SDK and expand your current app with CouplAR functionalities. Update and bugfix services over the whole runtime included.

Questions? Then get in touch!

The CouplAR Editor

Create. Channel. Manage – it’s that easy


Simple login. No additional software necessary.

Page Editor

Connect digital content with printed pages and distribute it.

Batch-Import & API

Structured data or (partially) automated system links.


Detailed reporting. GDPR-compliant.

Ad Banners

Combine your media library with ad banners.

Live Updates

Updates are deployed in real-time, no app update necessary.

Get in touch with CouplAR.

Fon: +49 (451) 16083 5002E-Mail

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